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Q. What is the difference between you and other portals which are all running the same program?

A: The USP of Zaereen.com is that, when compared to all other major Online Travel Portals, we provide value for money. Zaereen.com does not spend much on advertisements because their ultimate cost is borne by the consumer. Rather it promotes discounts and schemes which can be availed by its clients. The website always displays the cheapest package rates available. The company is able to do this as the money saved by avoiding aggressive indulging in advertising is passed onto the customers as benefits.

Q. What are the products which will be provided for us to sell?

A: According to the Zaereen.com Franchisee Associate Program, any person who becomes a Franchisee can sell Zaereen.com's entire inventory which includes online wide range of, ziyarat packages launched on the website.

Q. How many franchisees do you have in pan India?

A: Our franchisees are present everywhere from metropolitan to two and three tier cities in India. In fact we are present through franchisees in several remote areas.

Q. What is the commission range of the products?

A: We have a dynamic commission structure for most of our products. Since we want to increase our market share and competitiveness, we part with most of the commission given to us.

Q. Will I get my details in the ads which will be issued by Zaereen.com?

A: Zaereen.com Elite Studio franchises will be featured on our website www.zaereen.com. Also whenever we come out with print advertisements, the Elite Studio franchisees will also be listed there.

Q. What are the criteria to become your franchisee?

A: When a person chooses to be a part of the Zaereen.com Franchisee Associate Program he can either choose Zaereen.com Travel Point or Zaereen.com Elite Studio depending on his requirements and ability to invest. Since we are trying to promote even small businessmen and homemakers, we don't enforce any requirements on Zaereen Travel Point Franchisee.

Zaereen.com Elite Studio is a slightly more premium option with a bit higher investment but with a plethora of returns such as, promotional material, starter kit etc. When a person chooses to be Zaereen.com Elite Point Franchisee, he should be having at least 250 sq.ft outlet and at least two people working for that franchisee point.

Apart from all the tangibles, our Franchisees must have the zeal to succeed and they must associate themselves with the brand Zaereen.com.

Q. What support like Starter Kit etc. is provided to a franchisee?

A: When a person chooses to be Zaereen.com Franchisee, he gets 'on the job training' from the staff in the regional office. We are also planning to come up with a series of audio-visual presentations to assist them in case franchisees face any difficulty.

Being a part of the Zaereen.com Franchisee Associate Program brings along with it several benefits. Zaereen.com Franchisees have a low operational cost and support of Zaereen.com's skilled support staff. Apart from this, the company also provides starter kits, marketing and merchandising support as well as additional revenue lines. We also promote our franchisee outlets through advertisements.

Q. Difference between Zaereen.com Travel Point & Elite Studio.

A: A Franchisee can either choose to be a part of Zaereen.com Travel Point or Zaereen.com Elite Studio. Zaereen.com Travel Point Franchisee is reasonably an affordable option for small businessmen and homemakers.

As we have already mentioned, Zaereen.com Elite Studio is a slightly more premium option because with a bit higher investment we offer numerous benefits like exclusive territorial rights and visibility as the name of Zaereen.com Elite Studio Franchisees feature on our website and print ads. In addition to this, the Elite studio franchisee also gets promotional material, starter kit etc.

Q. Benefits of taking franchisee compared to PSA.

A: Taking up a franchisee is definitely more fruitful than being a PSA. Being a franchisee of Zaereen.com gives you an opportunity to associate yourself with the brand name - Zaereen.com. Also you get an opportunity to become the face of our esteemed portal Zaereen.com

Q. What is the ROI?

A: Click here to know more about ROI[Return On Investment].

Q. What is Distributorship? How will this benefit us?

A: Distributorship will enable Zaereen.com Elite Studio (ZES) franchisees to make sub-agents under him, which is a gateway to enter B2B (Business-to-Business) segment and reap through both segments of business.

Q. How much Exclusive Territory Rights are given to a franchisee?

A: An Zaereen.com Elite Studio franchisee gets Exclusive Territorial Rights of up to 4 sq km.

Q. What marketing support does Zaereen.com provide?

A: We offer BTL (Below The Line) marketing support to our franchisees. Our support includes backlit and front lit boards, flyers, poster..

Q. What is the minimum staff requirement for a franchisee?

A: An Zaereen.com Elite Studio franchisee should have atleast two people working for it, whereas Zaereen.com Travel Point can be started by a single person.

Q. Why would a customer not contact Zaereen directly and why would he come to a franchisee?

A: Internet penetration in India is much less than 15%. People in our country like to build relationships rather than dealing with the virtual world. Therefore a typical Indian customer will always prefer to deal with someone who is present in physical form to entertain his queries.

Q. Should we be authorized agents of IATA to take your agency?

A: As we have already mentioned we have kept minimum requirement for any person who chooses to be our franchisee, therefore it is not necessary to be an agent of IATA to take our agency.

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