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Mandvi Mazar
Address : Vohra Hajira,
  Kutch Mandvi, 370465.
Telephone : 02834-224152,223821,231786
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Syedna Noor Mohammed Nooruddin (RA)

Wafaat : 4th Rajab-ul-Asab, 1130H
Tenure of Dawat : 8 years, 2 months, 11 days

On hearing the good news of Syedna Noor Mohammed (R.A) birth, his great grand father Syedna Ismail Badruddin (R.A) rightfully predicted the new born shall one day be Dai.

35th Dai Syedna Abdultayeb Zakiuddin though had three sons - Syedna Moosa Kalimuddin (R.A), Syedi Safiuddin (Q.R) and Shaikh Jafferji, he considered Syedna Noor Mohammed (R.A) as his fourth son and even added the name of Syedna Noor Mohammed in his will. During Syedna Zakiuddin's (R.A) visit to Ahmedabad, he asked Syedi Kalimuddin (Q.R) to under take the upbringing and education of all his sons, including Syedna Noor Mohammed (R.A). Throughout the period in which Syedna Zakiuddin (R.A) was suffering from ill health, Syedna Noor Mohammed (R.A) served him with much devotion and sincerity. At the time of his demise, Syedna Zakiuddin (R.A) gave Syedna Noor Mohammed (R.A) a ring which was a sign of Nass (succession). He also initiated that after Syedna Kalimuddin (R.A), Nass be declared upon Syedna Noor Mohammed (R.A).

Syedna Noor Mohammed (R.A) procured much Elm (religious knowledge) from Mazoon-e-Dawat, Syedi Shaikh Adam Safiuddin (Q.R) and after the death of Syedi Safiuddin (Q.R), was appointed as Mazoon by Syedna Kalimuddin (R.A). Due to adverse hostility and ant religious persecutions, Syedna Noor Mohammed (R.A) was forced to spend a long time in prison and was released just one day before Syedna Kalimuddin (R.A) left for heavenly abode. Historical texts narrate that Syedna Noor Mohammed (R.A) had to face immense harassment from some foes of Dawat and the Jam of Jamnagar who consistently demanded money from the Dai. Syedna Noor Mohammed (R.A) ultimately had to sell off properties to make meet the unjustified demands of the authorities. Sadden by these adversities, he left Jamnagar and stayed at his wife, Fatema Aaisaheba's uncle, Kakaji Dosaji's residence in Dharol and later to Wakaner where Mumineen (faithful) performed Khidmat (serve) with much enthusiasm. He than proceeded to Morbi and was welcomed by Mumineen and the King of Morbi Kayaji Saheb and declared Morbi as Dar-ul-Hijrat (seat of Dawat). Syedna Noor Mohammed (R.A) celebrated Eid and during his six months stay in Morbi constructed a Masjid and a house and dug a well for public use.

Earlier, on learning of the safe departure of Syedna Noor Mohammed (R.A) from Jamnagar, the Jam got furious and ordered for a search for Syedna Noor Mohammed (R.A). Eventually, on discovering Syedna Noor Mohammed's (R.A) presence in Morbi, the Jam kept seeking the handing over of the Dai from Kakaji Saheb. Moreover, he looted Syedna Zakiuddin's (R.A) house and destroyed valuable documents. Within six months of these transgressions, the Jam got afflicted by a severe disease and ultimately died while in great pain.

Raj Singh the new Jam of Jamnagar had always been indebted and admired Syedna Noor Mohammed (R.A) since childhood, as the Dai had saved his life when bitten by a poisonous snake. The Jam repeatedly requested the Dai to come back to Jamnagar. In order to ensure the Jam's fidelity and devotion, Syedna Noor Mohammed (R.A) put the Jam to test. He asked the Jam to return his Hundi (bonds), amounting three lacs thirty thousand rupees, valuables, documents and also to hand back all the Dai's properties. The Jam without hesitation returned all that was confiscated by his tyrant father and thus proved his respect and reverence for Syedna Noor Mohammed (R.A). While expressing his obligation, the Jam declared that all his personal properties were also at the Dai's disposal if the Dai so wished. Convinced of the Jam's sincerity, Syedna Noor Mohammed (R.A) traveled to Jamnagar after a span of three long years while leaving behind Syedna Ismail Badruddin (R.A) in Morbi. Syedna Noor Mohammed (R.A), accompanied by Syedi Abdulqadar Hakimuddin (Q.R) and fifty Talabat (students) were given a grand welcome by the Jam and by Mumineen and locals of Jamnagar who came to receive them from the city borders.

On 5th of Moharramul Haram Syedna Noor Mohammed (R.A) appointed Syedi Abdulqadar Hakimuddin (Q.R) as Mukasir and permitted him to travel to Rampura. He then declared Syedi Qazi Khan Saheb (Q.R) as Mazoon. Eventuating the murder of Raj Singh, Jam of Jamnagar by his brother for the throne Syedna Noor Mohammed (R.A) sensed danger for Dawat and Mumineen and thus left for Mandvi, which he declared as Dar-ul-Hijrat.Soon after a severe drought occurred in Ahmedabad, Sidhpur, and in Halar region. Syedna Noor Mohammed (R.A) dispatched relief materials of food grains, fruits and silver coins for the affected.

Syedna Noor Mohammed (R.A) purchased a piece of land from a Brahmin and repeatedly asserted that a Dai of Imam-uz-Zaman (A.S) would be buried on this land. On 1st Rajabul-Asab 1130H Syedna Noor Mohammed (R.A) was fasting, when he went for Wuzu (ablution) and unexpectedly fell down. Fatema Aaisaheba assisted him and laid him on bed. He declared Nass upon Syedna Ismail Badruddin (R.A) and eventually, passed away on 4th Rajabul Asab 1130H. His wife Fatema Aaisaheba, due to grief, passed away the very next day. Syedna Ismail Badruddin (R.A) erected a Qubba Mubarak (mausoleum) where Syedna Noor Mohammed (R.A) was buried. In 1420H, the 52nd Dai, Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin (T.U.S) inaugurated the grand newly constructed marbled Qubba Mubarak of Noor Mohammed (R.A) at Mandvi.

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