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Karbala Moalla

Najaf E Ashraf

Baitul Muqaddas
Yemen Ziyarat List
The following Ziyarats are included in your trip

Moulatena Hurratul Maleka RA
Syedna Ibrahim al-Hamidi RA - 2nd Dai
Syedna Hatim Mohiyuddin RA - 3rd Dai
Syedna Ali Shamsuddin RA - 18th Dai
Syedna Idris Imaduddin RA - 19th Dai (subject to government permission)
Syedna Mohammed Izzuddin RA - 23rd Dai
Syedna Yusuf Najmuddin RA - 24th Dai
Ziyarats not included but which may be available if circumstances permit may and/or include extra expense are:

Hisn Zimarmar Ziyarat is located on the outskirts of Sana'a, approximately an hour away by car. Located on the peak of this mountain is the Qubur Mubarak of the following Hudaat Kiraam

Syedna Abdul Muttalib Najmuddin RA - 14th Dai
Syedna Abdullah Fakhruddin RA - 16th Dai
Syedna Hasan Badruddin RA - 17th Dai
Mazoon Dawat ul Haq Syedi Ahmed bin Syedna Ali bin Hanzala RA

Reaching the peak of this mountain involves a climb of 1.5 to 2 hours, including a few portions of the climb in which the path narrows to only a foothold. Proper shoes are required. The climb is not suitable for those with any medical conditions including but not limited to heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, back and joint problems, hypertension, low blood pressure, pregnancy, allergy to sunlight, vertigo, fear of heights, etc, etc. Only those Zuwwaar Kiraam who are able and fit will be allowed to climb.


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