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Sri Lanka Flag 34, Homi Modi Street,
Flora Fountain, Mumbai - 400 023.
Tel : 022-22045861/8303
Fax : 022-22876132

Quick Visa Search :
Sri Lanka
Capital : Colambo
Currancy : Sri Lankan Rupee
Visa : Visa Request

  Visa Forms
Tourist Visa Forms Visa Form Download Visa form        

  Tourist Visa
Visa On Arrival for 30 days

  Business Visa
Visa Valid Passport
Visa 2 Photos
Visa Visa Form
Visa Invitation fax from Srilanka
Visa Covering letter explaning the reason of travel
Visa Confirm return air tickets
Visa International credit card.

  Visa Fees
Visa Rs. 150/- Single Entry

Note : Further, any change in fees, additional document or personal presence of the applicant might be required which is at the discretion of the Consulate

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