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Hasanfeer Mazar
Hasanfeer Saheb Dargah
Address : P.O-Tal. Chanasma,
  Dist. Mehsana, Delmal, Pincode-384230, (Gujarat)
Telephone : 91-2734-281352
Facsimile :
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Syedi Hasanfeer Shaheed (QS)


Date of Wafat: 23rd Moharramul-Haram 795 H. (1392 A.D)

Just as Syedna Qutbuddin Shaheed (R.A) was the first Dai to be martyred, Syedi Hasanfeer (Q.R) was the first amongst Hudud Kiram (Q.R) who sacrificed his life for the sake of Islam and Dawat. Syedi Hasanfeer (Q.R), an ascendant from the lineage of Maulaya Abdullah (Q.R), was appointed Wali of Hind by Syedna Abdullah Fakhruddin (R.A). 

An erudite scholar, he was frequently consulted by the Sultan of Patan for matters pertaining to various issues. Earlier, the Sultan of Patan was left perplexed about the in-depth meaning of the Quranic verse that pronounced that "One cannot enter Jannat unless a camel passed through the eye of a needle". Many a wise man had been consulted but none could satisfy the Sultan with their answers. Eventually, Syedi Hasanfeer (Q.R) was approached. He laid a condition that the Sultan exchange his cloths with his and stand infront of him while he, Syedi Hasanfeer (Q.R), occupy the Sultan's place on the throne. On acceptance and implementation of these conditions by the Sultan, Syedi Hasanfeer (Q.R) asserted that this submissive gesture of the Sultan in its self was the answer to the query. He further enunciated that likewise, if one abide's by and follows the path shown by Wali-ul-Amar (person with spiritual authority) with total commitment, faith and devotion, than only would one enter Jannat (heaven). Pleased and sufficed by these answers, the Sultan presented Syedi Hasanfeer (Q.R) with the Jagir of Denmal.

Envied by his popularity and closeness with the Sultan, some ministers of the Sultan plotted Syedi Hasanfeer's (Q.R) execution. He was martyred soon after on 23rd Muharramul Haram 795 H at Denmal. It is said his parrot, which accompanied him, flew and informed Mumineen the death of its master. 

Syedna Qasimkhan Zainuddin (R.A) is the first Dai from the progeny of Syedi Hasanfeer (Q.R). 
Hundreds of thousands of people have fulfilled their desires and found solace while visiting the Qabar Mubarak (grave) of Syedi Hasanfeer's (Q.R) over the centuries. Syedi Abdulqadir Hakimuddin (Q.R) frequently used to visit Denmal for Ziyarat (pay respects and homage) and even authored a Qasida (poetic verses) in praise of Syedi Hasanfeer (Q.R). Syedna Taher Saifuddin (R.A) laid the foundation stone of the Roza Mubarak (mausoleum) of Syedi Hasanfeer (Q.R) on 13th Safarul Muzaffar 1339H. The construction was completed within eight years and was inaugurated by Syedna Taher Saifuddin (R.A) on 27th Shavvalul Mukarram 1345 H.


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